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DigiCel FlipBook is a 2D animation tool for Windows
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These days everybody is in contact with animation, some of us through computers, games and other through TV or commercial ads. But did you ever think how do they do it? Someone with this question may think that animation is a game of experts and engineers. But it is not so difficult if you have been playing with the drawing book and paints when at school. Here is something that is designed for experts and beginners as well.

FlipBook 4.5 is an animation tool that offers very easy user interface. FlipBook is based on frames that can be edited independently. It has a series of still images creates an animation, however this is strategy of every movie files. In this version 4.5 the stress has been the speed, and you can use speed editing tools like color brushes, pencils, erasers, shapes or import a still image to edit and create animation. You can easily create 2D and 3D animations using FlipBook. You can add sound to the animation and export the animation as AVI movie file or GIF animation. FlipBook enables you to work with different layers. You can customize the frame rate (Fps) before or after creating an animation. You can customize the number of layers you are going to use in your animation. After editing all the images you can play, stop and rewind the animation using the control buttons. You can play the animation in a loop also.

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  • A very good tool for beginners with animation
  • Work with multiple layers
  • Export animation file as GIF or AVI movie


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